What can we help you with

  • building your whole product from scratch
  • taking part in each of the steps of the application’s lifetime - from the architectural design up until deployment
  • extending your team’s capabilities and competence with knowledge sharing sessions and trainings tailor-fitted to your needs
  • taking part in process and communication improvements to make the team efforts more transparent and effective

How can we achieve that

  • by joining your team in a combined effort to deliver a quality product in a timely manner
  • by sharing our expertise and experience gained by working with various projects - from small startups to large corporations
  • by letting you leverage our practical knowledge of technologies that can help you elevate your business

What drives us

  • we like to work on ambitious projects and we believe that we can help them live up to their potential as functional and maintainable applications
  • we love cutting edge technologies - as well as those stable ones! we believe in using tools that are the best fit for the job, regardless if they’re the most hyped ones
  • we want to work on ideas that have merit, not only on improving KPIs
  • we love sharing our knowledge

We worked with those and many more.

If you need help with containerizing your applications, splitting up a monolith, building a cloud infrastructure or designing a whole cloud native solution from scratch - our experience might come in handy.
machine learning
We're no data scientists, that's for sure. We do, however, have experience in making the lives of data scientists' easier by running various data processing and machine learning workloads in both public and private clouds.
Need to run your application at scale, have zero-downtime deployments or maybe you want a custom operator - you name it, we got it.
From utility libraries, through CLIs up to web microservices - we got you covered. Oh, and we also ran and deployed a couple of ML models.
Our experience with a wide variety of applications allows us to make conscious design decisions in a dynamically evolving ecosystem.

Check our stuff

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